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While travelling we are trying to make some nice videos of course most of the videos will be the best of our underwater adventures. We are still passionate scuba divers in love with the ocean and all the creatures living in it.

So check this page regularly for video fragments of all the cool underwater life we come across during our dives.

October 2023

We are still in Curaçao, having fun exploring the reefs around the Spanish Water and even further out. On a very calm Sunday we went out with 4 dinghy’s to dive the east point of Curaçao.

September 2023

World clean-up day, also we thought to help the oceans a bit, in this case Spanish Water and clean-up the bottom of the anchorage. It was a lot of fun with many cruisers volunteering in one way or another.

August 2023

During the hot days in august we found some refreshment while freediving.

We even trained our dance moves underwater.

Juli 2023

The project with dolphins continues. Scuba diving with trained dolphins looks like this:

Mei 2023

Back in Curaçao. We had the chance to do a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Training dolphins in de Sea Aquarium of Curaçao.

April 2023

The Dominican Republic is the new country to explore. We enjoy the beautiful nature of this island and even organise some breath taking activities.

Los Haitises national park is only reachable by boat, we anchor for 5 days in its gorgeous bays and explore the caves and mangroves by dinghy.

On the south coast it is time to dive again. We discover a nice wreck.

Exploration of cueva de chicho.

March 2023

End of February we sailed to Puerto Rico. A new country to discover, new dives to make. We sailed all the way to Mona island in the Mona passage in between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It is a very remote place but the diving was rewarding, clear waters and lots of fish. The dive we did on the wall of La Parguera (we put Blowing Bubbles on a mooring specifically there for diving) also was worth the effort. We had some curious sharks around us and we ended the dive with a whale surfacing just next to the boat!

Together with the ex-Zelda crew we are in Puerto Rico. Teaching Kristiane’s friend how to scuba dive was on the wishlist! So we did a lot of diving with Michelle and Kristiane.

February 2023

At the beginning of February we left Curaçao and had a very heavy crossing to the British Virgin Islands. We arrived safely but Blowing Bubbles needed some repairs. In between the repairs we also enjoyed diving in this new country. The dives are all pretty shallow but the visibility is great unless you dive in swell areas off course.

Enjoy the dive Jean-Marc did with Kristine Lochert (SY Zelda) at Brewers Point.

With Karen’s birthday we did a dive a Brewers Point EAST. And we got a big surprise while diving. Watch the video with the sound on to find out what it was.

The exploration of the baths was just beautiful. We left the boat on anchor in Trunk Valley Bay and took the dinghy over to the baths and strolled in between the big rocks on snorkel. Absolutely amazing!

November 2022

November 2022 is a special month for Jean-Marc, he turned 50 years old. As this is a special number he wanted to celebrate it somewhere special. So we decided to leave the boat for a few weeks and we took a flight to Peru. We visited a lot of places in Peru, watch the highlights in the following video.

But we were also doing other things during this month, scuba diving of course! Again we caught some lion fish, so we were helping the reefs of the Caribbean Sea and on top of that we had a nice appetizer.

October 2022

In Curaçao we decided to do the deepest dive ever in our diving careers. Curaçao is well known for its commercial submarine base. So we booked a dive with them.

It’s been an amazing experience, never to forget! Check it out in the following video!

July 2022

Most of the time in July we enjoyed the “divers paradise” Bonaire. Together with some other friends boats we did a lot of diving! What else??

This video shows one of the most amazing dives in Bonaire. We found a baitball just outside the marina and we were lucky to dive in it for several days in a row. Everyday we saw the baitball shrinking in size as the hunters were surrounding it and hunting the fish inside the baitball. We were so happy to be able to study the behavior of all the fish.

But we also did a special trip to the caves of Bonaire with the family on SY Zelda, Inge and Lauren from SY Sylvia and Sue and Reto of SY Suret. It is really exiting to go down in the caves by use of a rope, it is very hot inside the caves but we all got rewarded with an underground fresh water lake! Watch the video of this amazing adventure.

June 2022

Jean-Marc & Karen tijdens een oversteek

This time I don’t post a video but an audio fragment.

Back in Belgium people are curious about our way of live. This is sometimes really difficult to explain as it is so different from “normal” live on shore but Jean-Marc did a very good effort in this radio interview on the Belgian radio station “JOE” in the morning show with Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx.

Listen to it in the next fragments, and you are warned…. it is in Dutch!

One of friends from SY JanJorem had his birthday. We celebrated it together with him with an amazing birthday drift dive. Instead of swimming back to the place you enter the water, we swam from Director’s Bay to Tugboat next to the wonderful dropoff. We enjoyed the clearblue warm waters of Curaçao.

May 2022

Sailing Saint Vincent and the Grenadines means island hopping. We’ve met MY Stella Luna and did some cool dives with the complete crew. Of course I made a video of those dives, go on and dive into the Grenadines with us.

April 2022

Martinique is the island where we spend some weeks with Leander (son of Jean-Marc). He had to prepare a schoolproject about coral reefs, the threats, pollution, … He seems to be interested in the complete lionfish story and of course a lionfish hunt is part of the project. I made a brief video about his hunting skills.

Also in Martinique, Jean-Marc and I experienced a very cool underwater activity: the spawning of barrel sponges. This happens only 1 or 2 times per year and we witnessed it on our early morning dive at “Le Diamant”

The big brown barrel sponges can grow very old, up to 2000 years. The big barrel sponges we see regularly on our dives are about 100-200years, depending on the size. I could capture the spawning of the barrel sponges on this video.

March 2022

We spend a couple of weeks in beautiful Dominica. We enjoyed the wild nature of the island as well as the abundant underwater life at the colourful reefs.

Titou Gorge is a real jewel. Here you don’t walk to the waterfall, you swim through a breathtaking canyon!

We participated in a lionfish hunt dive to protect the reefs from this super predator. They don’t belong in the Caribbean sea and eat all the small reeffish. So beter to hunt them, protect the reef and make sure you get your catch of the day!

February 2022

We left Mindelo and set sail to Guadeloupe.
This transatlantic crossing was our longest period at sea, 18 days. A short video about our days at sea:

January 18 2022

Still in Cape Verde but this time in Sao Vicente. We enjoyed this amazing experience, a face to face encounter with dozens of turtles.

A must-do activity in Sao Vicente, organised by dive center Dive Tribe in Mindelo.

January 6 2022

We crossed from Tenerife to Cape Verde Islands. Of course we want to explore those new waters. On the island of Sal we explored the coastline and discovered so many underwatercaves and walls with yellow corals.

October 23, 2021

Diving with the big rays of Las Galletas, Tenerife was really impressive. Check it out in the video below.

August 11, 2021

In Gran Canaria we only did 1 dive but it was a very special one.

July 29, 2021

Discovering the shores of Lanzarote.

June 28, 2021

We had a very special encounter with a mola mola. Jean-Marc jumped in the water to film this special creature in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

June 26,2021

In Valencia, we were very lucky to enjoy a flamenco night full of passion, dance and music. Enjoy here a small piece of the performance.

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When it is too rough at sea and difficult to write blog articles, it is easy to create audio fragments. So on this page you’ll find those audio fragments.

Enjoy listening to us.

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15/07/2021 Casablanca to Essaouira
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