Ocean ecology

Ocean Ecology

Living on a sailing yacht makes you well aware of all ocean life in the places we visit.

Turtles popping up next to the boat, all different kind of fish seeking shelter under the boat when at anchor, bigger fish hunting on the surface at sunset, ….

So many different encounters with creatures in the ocean when living on the sea. Do you want to get involved?

  • We would like to share our passion and knowledge of the oceans and its inhabitants.
  • We would like to increase your understanding and appreciation of our blue planet.
  • We would like to inspire you to protect and conserve our precious oceans.

Well, we are proud to be ambassadors of “Discover our Blue Planet“. They provide the possibility to take your knowledge about the oceans and all its creatures to the next level with indepth courses created by experienced marine biologists.

The first episode starts with one of the most fascinating, most ecologically important yet most misunderstood animals in the ocean: SHARKS

Sharks have a bad reputation, from dramatic Hollywood movies to misleading news reports, society has thaught us to fear these cold, efficient ocean predators. However, our goal is to deepen your understanding, stop the spread of misinformation and give a clear accurate portrayal of these majestic creatures.

“The Ultimate Guide to Sharks” will take you through a series of engaging and informative modules. This episode will expand your knowledge of sharks giving you a new found respect and admiration for these ecologically crucial and critically threatened ocean species.

Have a look here for “The Ultimate Guide to Sharks” and join our social media!