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It’s been some years now that we dreamed and discussed our big adventure, sailing around the world with our yacht.

We didn’t have a sailing yacht at that time, so the discussion whether we would like a catamaran or mono hull kept on going.

With my sailing experience on Jakker, the yacht of my parents I prefer a mono hull. Jean-Marc rather wanted a cat mainly for the space.

During many lockdown diners we discussed all possible options, to leave or not to leave in these uncertain times? Fact is that we had time on our hands and started checking out sailing yachts.

And we found her in Ibiza. We booked our tickets and flew over to Ibiza, no not to party but to fall in love with our yacht, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509. Even Jean-Marc was immediately convinced about the spacious cockpit and cabin.

So check-out our “Blowing Bubbles”!


JEAN-MARC: dive instructor for many years now. He has a lot of experience in boating, mainly RIB’s and motorboats. After 30 years in the dive business with “Time To Dive” it is time for some changes is live.

KAREN: grew up on sailing yacht of her parents, so she has the sailing experience! The last 8 years she is also worked in the diving industry.

LEANDER: son of Jean-Marc. He will spend as much time as possible with us on the boat. For sure he will learn a lot!


Planning routes is not that simple being on a sailing yacht. Weather and wind determine mainly the route to follow. So it is not always easy to commit to be on special place on a certain date.

On top of that in 2020 travelling became even more difficult due to all the rules regarding COVID-19. Closed borders, negative tests, quarantine, curfews, last minute changes, ….

So it will not be easy to determine our route but this is what we have in mind:

  • May – June 2021: Eastcoast from Spain to Gibraltar
  • June- July 2021: Azores
  • August – October 2021: Canary Islands
  • October – November 2021: Cabe Verde Islands
  • November – December 2021: Atlantic crossing
  • December 2021: Barbados
  • January 2022: Bonaire / Curaçao

But we warn you, yachties write their plans in the sand by low tide ….


Our sailing yacht is big enough to welcome guests aboard.

We are happy to welcome our guests in small “corona proof” bubbles. With a maximum of 4 guests the yacht will still be comfortable and spacious.

We offer all kind of (water) activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, stand up paddle, wake boarding, kayaking and of course sailing.

What can you expect?

Deck and Cockpit

Blowing Bubbles has a comfortable and spacious cockpit. 8 person can be seated easily. The center table can be stowed away when not needed, Our swimming and diving platform is very easy going on and off the ship but it is of course also convenient for swimming and other water sports.

On quiet days, we can make a big sunbed just in front of the mast. So also our deck comfortable for relaxing and sunbathing


Our main cabin is very luxurious. On the right side you see the table with space for 8 persons, opposite the table there are 2 comfortable seats to relax.

The kitchen is positioned at the left side when entering the main cabin. It is equipped with a gas stove, fridge and freezer.

At the other side and integrated with the living space is the navigation hook with the electrical switchboard and radio.

Guest cabins

On board are 2 guest cabins, each for 2 persons.

There is a lot of space to stow away personal things in the closet and storage compartments.

The wet cel with toilet and shower is shared with the other guest cabin.

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