Since we are both very passionate divers, we’ll share here some interesting diving news for all of you.

Dive with us

Do you have your Open Water Diver license but you have not a lot of experience? Or you don’t have your own scuba dive equipment and still you want to dive?

Come and dive with us!

On Blowing Bubbles we can provide all dive equipment you need. As we dive a lot on all the locations we visit, we know where to find turtles, moray eels, beautiful coral gardens, etc.

We hunt lionfish on regular base, clean them in a safe way and cook them for you or take you out on one of the dive to hunt this invasive species.

We can take you out on a scuba dive adventure, just let us know what it is you are looking for and we take care of it.


First of all we would like to present our scuba diving magazine.

Being more than 30 years in the scuba diving business, we want to share our knowledge with other divers and dive centers.

Read here how to subscribe to this magazine and where to download.

Discover our Blue Planet

We like the oceans, but even more we like all the creatures living in those oceans.

As a result of this, we became ambassadors of “Discover our Blue Planet”, a platform which offers indepth courses about the ocean ecology.

Open for everybody who is interested in our oceans and wants to know more. You don’t need to be a diver, non-divers can participate as well and learn about the fascinating creatures in our oceans.