Captain’s Log : Something Special

Captain’s log: Something Special

During the past weeks, we have made landfall on the tropical island Bonaire.
The approach was already looking very promising as we passed a small island in front of Bonaire, this small place is called ‘Klein Bonaire’.

“Divers Paradise” is written on the official license plates of the cars on the island!
Is it paradise? We will soon find out, our stay is almost 1 month, so time to check things out and dive around.

The reefs surrounding Bonaire present a wide scale of colours, deep blue to turquoise and the white beaches make the eyes watery by the strong reflection of the sunlight.

Together with us, SY Zelda, owned by a Norwegian family and 2 guests onboard SY Blowing Bubbles,
they will help us to discover Bonaire, above and below the surface.

Step 1: the island

After arrival and easy official check-in, the rental car awaits us in the marina. We have rented a strong and big SUV from Blue Flamingo Car Rental Bonaire. The island has some nice off road places to go to and renting a strong car seemed the more wise choice.

What a great service this company offered and at
excellent prices. The AC of the car became soon everybody’s friend!
After a first day of touring the island, time to take a peek below the surface.

Step 2: the coral reefs of Bonaire

Both SY Blowing Bubbles and SY Zelda are docked at Harbour Village Marina, nicely at the exit pontoon
of the marina.
Next to the marina exit is the divesite “Something Special”, just 100ft (30mtr) away from the diving
platform of SY Blowing Bubbles. All we need to do is get the scuba gear on, jump in the water and dive…
Will “Something Special” also be special?

Well, without getting to much into details, our “house reef” could be described as “Always Special”, during the 30+ dives we made on this divesite during the 25 days stay, we had a surprise on every dive: a baitball that stayed around for 6 days (see video), giant lobsters, giant crabs, eagle rays passing by and not to forget the frogfish saying hi to us on multiple dives.

Our nightdives on this site were enchanting and even multiple Ostracod nightdives were possible!
The giant tarpons joining us during the nitghtdives were impressing and seeing them hunt is sometimes so funny although they do succeed in catching a fish regurlarly, just in front of your eyes.
After some days of diving the reefs surrounding Bonaire, time for the next step.

Step 3: Klein Bonaire

Just a short distance away (1mile) is the island klein Bonaire. A large marine reserve with very easy boat
access to a lot of divesites.

After taken the dinghy out a few times to scout some of the divesites around Klein Bonaire, time for some

After preparing and loading up SY Zelda with enough scuba tanks, daytrips to Klein Bonaire are planned.
Some more remote divesites are now within reach and the incredible hard and soft corals make us feel like we are dreaming while diving.
Klein Bonaire is a really unique place to dive and has to be put on any divers bucket list if you like to see an abundancy of colorfull corals mixed with fish.

Step 4: below the landsurface of Bonaire

Bonaire has a soft subterrain, this resulting in many caves.
As my first visit to Bonaire dates back to 1992 and since that time, coming back to Bonaire regularly, I
had the chance to meet up many times with cave specialists and geologists.
During the years, I got quite familiar with the cave systems and had a large amount of time exploring the
caves on Bonaire.
Time to share this adventure with our guests and SY Zelda.
With the safety of using a rope, descending 15mtr (50ft) down into the cavesystem, to find a large
freshwater lake to go swimming/snorkeling/freediving?
Fully decorated ceilings and impressive structures around…

Yes, a little secret gem hidden in Bonaire’s cactus jungle, a great and unique place to enjoy the wonders of caves.
Challenging? It could be for those not well prepared…
We managed to ‘surface’ again with only smiling faces and fantastic stories to tell.

Step 5: Bonaire?

Yes, Bonaire is really a Divers Paradise.

Soon we will be back, to introduce more people…
Do you want to join? Just contact us!